Neither ZFS nor UFS

As reported in conversation Fail to create hardlink NomadBSD version 132R-20231013,
the current NomadBSD version 132-R20231013 cannot be updated due to a bug in llvm15-15.0.7_7, which the system does not support by detecting that the file already exists. This error occurs in both ZFS and UFS versions, with the same error message:

Is there anything to do to solve this issue?

Haven’t tested it as I don’t change anything on my system unless I need to. I use it for development. So I try to keep package versions stable. Maybe removing the file that is giving an issue, I would suggest adding .old to the end or something, and then running package upgrades may help.

As I’ve stated I haven’t tried it. So attempt at your own risk.

The reported problem occurred in version 132R, and seemed to have been solved with the current 140R, but it continues to happen, now with Perl, which also appears as “file already exists.” I think this is a serious error in the configuration of the updates and changing the package to be updated to .old does not help at all

This is the screen with the error updating version 140R right now.

This is exactly the same error.

I’ve never encountered an issue like this but I would say going in, using the file manager with hidden files shown, finding and removing any files that it says already exist would be an option. As I stated in my previous reply, any advice I give should be followed at your own risk.