Thanks for NomadBSD

I discovered FreeBSD 2 years ago after using Windows, Debian and Ubuntu. I installed NomadBSD last night on a USB stick and it works very well on my Fujitsu laptop. The wifi works and an update could be made. Thank you very much for all the work and congratulations!


I was looking for a BSD with original OpenBox and after reading and reading I came across nomad, I also read the forum quite a bit.

Install nomad without problems, except that the persistence in live mode becomes a bit slow and lags in launching applications, until installation. Nothing to worry too much about.

Otherwise everything is fine, since in addition to reading the manual, I did practically the same steps as in FreeBSD 12.1 p8

The installation of nomad is really fun.
I was surprised that there is no need to restart and that everything runs its course, very good job on that;)

My gratitude to the nomad team for their work and providing users with a complete, clean, simple and fine operating system in its elegance and operability.

Keep on the good path that you already have!

My respects.


The NomadBSD team have really surpassed themselves. My gratitude to them is almost beyond estimation. (Definitely going to encourage its use and donations…to sweeten all that labour!)
One brilliant feature is the ¨NomadBSD Installer¨ option in Settings. After installing the most important applications using pkg in the terminal, I install the OS,my user directory and name to whatever drive I choose. I use dd or cat to clone a drive but this greatly simplifies everything and saves time. The OS has the feel of simplicity and robustness reminiscent of Linux Mint. This BSD is going places.

Again, well done to the team and developers.
Big thank you.