Thanks for NomadBSD

I discovered FreeBSD 2 years ago after using Windows, Debian and Ubuntu. I installed NomadBSD last night on a USB stick and it works very well on my Fujitsu laptop. The wifi works and an update could be made. Thank you very much for all the work and congratulations!


I was looking for a BSD with original OpenBox and after reading and reading I came across nomad, I also read the forum quite a bit.

Install nomad without problems, except that the persistence in live mode becomes a bit slow and lags in launching applications, until installation. Nothing to worry too much about.

Otherwise everything is fine, since in addition to reading the manual, I did practically the same steps as in FreeBSD 12.1 p8

The installation of nomad is really fun.
I was surprised that there is no need to restart and that everything runs its course, very good job on that;)

My gratitude to the nomad team for their work and providing users with a complete, clean, simple and fine operating system in its elegance and operability.

Keep on the good path that you already have!

My respects.