No sound using displayport, amd rx580 nitro+ Help please

Congratulations for your project , i like very much its simplicity and cool style ! its light but stylish.

NomadBSD is the best freebsd project i have ever used very good indeed !

And you even bothered to create alternative keyboard layouts on the configuration wizard for the rest of us that don’t speak english but we need to type english !

I wanted for some months ago to switch to freebsd but i have some problems, i hope with nomadbsd i will make the decision.

I have No sound using displayport, amd rx580 nitro+ on linux i have no problem.
sndstat shows several hdmi outputs but when i try to switch to anyone of them doesn’t have sound.

Is there any solution or it just doesn’t work ??

what is the output of
cat /dev/sndstat ?

First i would try to switch the default to another HDMI port to see if that works. Then i would add “kldload snd_driver” to /boot/loader.conf.
If both are not useful then i would disable automatic gpu configuration(look at nomad’s manual) and manually install amd-gpu driver.

paste to terminal this :
for pkg in mesa-dri xf86-video-amdgpu drm-next-kmod; do pkg info $pkg | head -n1
For amd to work, these 3 should be there:

i have installed mesa-dri it doesn’t work, no sound at all !

Look what these guys are saying about rx580 here :


It doesn’t work either with hdmi.

So it seems there is nothing we can do here.

Why don’t you go with production release 12.1 ? I can tell you guys that with an old AMD graphics iam currently using this o.s. is just fantastic. Movies are awesome much better than windows and of course much better colors than linux. Don’t give up the fight, i would go with external speakers and wait for the hardware to be supported. Cheers …

I will use the soundcard anyway.

The sound has problem sound stucks and hear a noise after a while the noise stops and sound won’t work. This can happen playing a video on youtube or using the mixer

This was the solution for my pc and for my ultrabook !

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What confuses me is that we have this set by default in /etc/sysctl.conf

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Now i need help to make touchpad to work !
What should i use in xorg ? synaptics ?
where i can find more about configuration i need to done for the touchpad

I was thinking that my chipset was not supported cause even firefox on youtube was freezing and the video couldn’t even be played. But i found the solution , now i have to try the iichid driver for touchpad if this works i’m a bsd badass

Sound through HDMI only half works, and it’s more of a “Tinker with it until it works or forget about it” I have yet to see sound work using HDMI for a long time now.

sound is not my problem my problem is the touchpad of my ultrabook it doesn’t work at all !
Any ideas?

Title says other wise. If it doesn’t apply to you then open a new post with a proper title as this one says " No sound using displayport, amd rx580 nitro+ Help please"