George ORWELL's "1984" has come true in 2020

AI Responsible For Wrongful Arrest In First Known U.S. Case

This is the “‘AI’ Genius”.

The fact that it’s 2020 and our HW support still sucks? Yeah agreed :slight_smile:

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It’s more that the Forum’s ‘Spam-cop’ reminded me of this.


Yeah I know. Perfect example is the lame 20 char requirement or the other requirement pretty soon we are going to have to send blood samples before posting. I have already canceled and deleted all services from Google what next?

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The cookiewall on Huffpost, to which you linked, is also kinda ironic in this context. If you want to manage your cookie preferences on their site, you have to go through every privacy policy of their advertising partners.

Your post-title has been the truth since long before 2020

The AI isn’t responsible for a wrongful arrest, the human that made the arrest is!

We don’t have androids arresting people yet…do we?

Yes, of course, you’re right - the Regime is just slowly de-masking and gaining sharper, more visible contours.


No, not YET.

Back when movies weren’t so CGI’ed

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Robocop is a cyborg, not an android. (But would probably work just as well for the “1984” scenario.)

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AI, according to Stanley Kurbrick:


HAL 9000, most definitely an AI.

“I’m sorry Dave, I can’t do that…”

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‘He’ even has ‘his’ Wiki profile:

The ‘Good gAI’: