Can't use OBS-Studio says that the drivers are outdated!

Can’t use OBS-Studio says that the drivers are outdated !
Is there anything i can do ?
Also on my computer it xorg doesn’t start using efi for some strange reason it can boot via efi on my vivobook efi only laptop, on my laptop touchpad doesn’t work .

It could be an OpenGL issue: OpenGL support?

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I have the same problem, but my graphic card is integrated. The solution suggested could solve my problem?
Thank you

I suppose so.

I will try it. What is the latest drm-kmod release for 12.2 ?
drm-fbsd12 ? Maybe we should change the drm-kmod package?
This nomadbsd release works fine detecting the amd gpus very nice ! Also on previous release wifi on nomad won’t work and i have tried many usb wifi adapters ( all 100% compatible with freebsd out of the box !!! i have a collection of those just in case)
How long it could get to move to the 13 release when it is gonna be ready ?

  1. I don’t think it has anything to do with the drm-kmod version. Please try the proposed fix first.
  2. Please open a new thread for your WIFI problem.
  3. Work on the next NomadBSD version with FreeBSD-13 as base system will start soon.

Reprise: I don’t know why, but now OBS-Studio works very smoothly.
I haven’t do nothing to fix my initial problem. Only a new installation of OBS.