WiFi networks manager missing - on GUI anyway

I installed NomadBSD latest version to a USB stick following the instructions from ExplainingComputers.com on YouTube. All went well and I can boot my laptop from the stick into the desktop environment. However, when I right-click on the desktop and select Network, the WiFi Networks Manager option is not present in the drop-down list, so I can’t connect to WiFi. I am using the same laptop to post this, so I know that its WiFi works.

How do I get the WiFi Networks Manager option to show?

Hi @DBC,

the network manager usually start automatically, and you can open it via its tray icon (upper right corner). If it’s not there, press ALT+F2, then type networkmgr and press ENTER.

Thanks @mk1, that did the trick. It was running but I didn’t recognise the tray icon. I’m writing this in NomadBSD!