Why Do you have such weird limitations on everything Mirrors

Continuing the discussion from NomadBSD 1.3.2 released:

It would be wise to upload the newest version so we as mirrors admins can have the same files. As of now rsync fails to catch 1.3.2 and all those links to 1.3.2 don’t work. except for the Main one this is well kind of defeats the purpose of mirrors as all mirrors should be synced especially during a new release so fail on your end. Also don’t add a news article regarding a new release if you fail to properly let the mirrors know. I only know this as my cron emails told me it didn’t catch 1.3.2.

.# rsync -vaHz rsync.nomadbsd.org::nomadbsd/ nomadbsd | grep 1.3.2
sent 20 bytes received 1,302 bytes 2,644.00 bytes/sec

I confirm that the recommended rsync command does not download the latest release. I’ve manually downloaded the LZMA images from the master site so now I’m current, but I’d agree that a more prominent heads-up for the mirrors would be helpful so we’re ready for the incoming traffic.

The images are now available on the rsync server. I wasn’t in sync with the man who feeds it. I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused by my premature announcement.

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The server that hosts the images will be moved to a Dedicated server as im sick and tired of VPS companies not having a clue about FreeBSD and wasting time and money. A bare metal server with a IPKVM so i can deal with all the stuff myself like I should of done to begin with. Spent 3 hrs trying to get X to use a PS/2 mouse rather the tablet and of course company is of no help even though after yelling at them they finally realized I was right when I said “it’s your host fix it”.

upload files first then announce that like announcing a new BMW and having customers wait for them to be built.

Also redo the spam and minimum chars I find it ridiculous how I have to type a full blown paragraph of text to please your anti spam filters this is why the topic is so big when all I wanted was “Mirrors”

I think failing to update the rsync server before the announcement is a minor mistake compared to the major accomplishment of creating this masterful BSD distribution. If the heads of the NomadBSD project decide that this is the best way to keep the forum spam-free, then so be it.

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