'which', 'where' - intuitive command names...?

Today I somewhere else on this forum suggested to use which or where. Then I thought about the difference - if any (ie. less and more) - and searched around…

oh boy, what a rabbit-hole! -and that’s only one of them.

The command names which and where and their function is easier to remember for a beginner or even a layman than type or command -v, IMHO

So here’s my question:
Is it okay to suggest those commands (with possible caveats) on this forum instead of more “correct” commands with difficult to remember or less logical names - in general and in this case?

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Thanks for the link! I was previously unaware that use of which can be contentious.

Honestly, over the years, I’ve never seen anyone complain about use of which elsewhere, so I should assume that it’s OK here.

Another useful tool:

– see for example https://old.reddit.com/r/freebsd/comments/lhhzae/-/gnclf5e/

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