What does the "Reconfigure" tab in the menu do?

In the menu application, there is a tab labeled “Reconfigure”. When I click on it nothing happens. What is it supposed to be doing?

“Reconfigure” will reset OpenBox menu according to your customized ~/.config/openbox/menu.xml. And “Update menu” will revert it back to an original state.

I see. Thank you.

I see Update Menu being called (a message box appears on the desktop) every time I install or uninstall an application. That tells me there is an automated script that automatically updates the menu each time an application is added or deleted. I just figured there would be a gui that accesses the menu to reconfigure it, allowing me to add tabs, such as “Games” to the menu. I will take a look at the .xml and see how I can customize it.

Yes, and after that I should change this automatic menu to my own every time, unfortunately.