What are some compatible Scanners and SSDs?

I am so happy to be a new user of NomadBSD! I have tried so many of the other iterations of BSD, and (because of my ignorance, I’m sure, though I’ve tried hard to learn) never able to really make it work. But NomadBSD works for me! Thank you!
I need to scan documents from time to time and would like recommendations for scanners known to work with Nomad - I need a scanner with sheet feeding capability.
And I would also like to install Nomad on an external USB SSD. Any recommendations for either of these will be greatly appreciated.
THank you again!

My experience to install NomadBSD was:

  1. Installed it on an 8GB USB stick, following the steps explained in the handbook
  2. Connected the USB Kingston SSD to my PC
  3. Booted the USB stick with the NomadBSD in it
  4. In the installation tool i selected the Kingston SSD as target device
  5. Once installation was finished i booted the PC selecting the Kingston as boot disk (F12 to choose which device to boot)
  6. All went well and now i work with NomadBSD on Kingston SSD

Thank you so much!

So, this option is “in coming” and not yet authoritative or complete…
This growing BSD hardware database will be a bigger and bigger help, when a BSD-user is going to make a hardware decision or a software upgrade/migration.
Here is the lists regarding your questions:
SSD’s (not every SSD), nvme

Everybody reading this, PLEASE contribute by running:

> sudo pkg install hw-probe
> sudo hw-probe -all -upload
Probe for hardware … Ok
Reading logs … Ok
Uploaded to DB, Thank you!

Probe URL: https://bsd-hardware.info/?probe=xxxxxxxxx

Thank you for contributing
and now have a look at the hw-info about your hardware on the supplied URL :slight_smile:

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