Wanna do C programming with geany in nomadbsd

hello again ,

wanna make little C programming parts with geany in nomadbsd.

does anyone know if gcc compiler is already installed in the package ?

Thank you

https://www.freshports.org/UPDATING ↓↓↓

I think you will need to install geany-plugins as it is not installed, by default, in the package:

# pkg install geany-plugins
Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue...
FreeBSD repository is up to date.
All repositories are up to date.
pkg: gstreamer1-plugins-lame has a missing dependency: lame
The following 48 package(s) will be affected (of 0 checked):

New packages to be INSTALLED:
	ctpl: 0.3.4
	geany-plugin-addons: 1.36
	geany-plugin-autoclose: 1.36
	geany-plugin-automark: 1.36
	geany-plugin-codenav: 1.36
	geany-plugin-commander: 1.36
	geany-plugin-ctags: 1.36
	geany-plugin-debugger: 1.36
	geany-plugin-defineformat: 1.36
	geany-plugin-doc: 1.36
	geany-plugin-extrasel: 1.36
	geany-plugin-gendoc: 1.36
	geany-plugin-geniuspaste: 1.36
	geany-plugin-git-changebar: 1.36_2
	geany-plugin-insertnum: 1.36
	geany-plugin-latex: 1.36
	geany-plugin-lineoperations: 1.36
	geany-plugin-lipsum: 1.36
	geany-plugin-lua: 1.36
	geany-plugin-macro: 1.36
	geany-plugin-markdown: 1.36
	geany-plugin-miniscript: 1.36
	geany-plugin-numberedbookmarks: 1.36
	geany-plugin-overview: 1.36
	geany-plugin-pairtaghighlighter: 1.36
	geany-plugin-pg: 1.36
	geany-plugin-pohelper: 1.36
	geany-plugin-pretty-printer: 1.36
	geany-plugin-prj: 1.36
	geany-plugin-projectorganizer: 1.36
	geany-plugin-scope: 1.36
	geany-plugin-sendmail: 1.36
	geany-plugin-shiftcolumn: 1.36
	geany-plugin-spellcheck: 1.36
	geany-plugin-tableconvert: 1.36
	geany-plugin-treebrowser: 1.36
	geany-plugin-updatechecker: 1.36
	geany-plugin-utilslib: 1.36
	geany-plugin-vc: 1.36
	geany-plugin-vimode: 1.36
	geany-plugin-workbench: 1.36_2
	geany-plugin-xmlsnippets: 1.36
	geany-plugins: 1.36
	geany-plugins-l10n: 1.36
	gtkspell3: 3.0.10
	libgit2: 1.0.1
	lua51: 5.1.5_9
	py37-docutils: 0.15.2

Number of packages to be installed: 48

The process will require 15 MiB more space.
4 MiB to be downloaded.

Proceed with this action? [y/N]: 

My respects.


yeah cool ,

yes pkg makes it.
my mistake. of course cc is in. if typing cc - message no input files.
pkg info list all packages installed from terminal sakura.

wanna make a pkg update.
have a direct network cable plucked in the computer.
uuups. no internet connection.
wonder that nomadbsd is not checking the direct network cable. why ?
cannot do a pkg update.
first be online.

can anyone help ?

why is a direct network cable not recognised by nomad bsd but by freebsd on the same machine ? is it because freebsd is installed on harddisk ?
normally this doesn’t matter i suppose.

kindly regards

If the network interface is not configured automatically, can you run

dhclient $network_interface

in a shell. Where $network_interface is your interface name, e.g. “em0”.

thank you , i will try it and report results.

dhclient em0
DHCPDISCOVER on em0 to. port 67 interval 6
DHCPDISCOVER on em0 to. port 67 interval 10
DHCPDISCOVER on em0 to. port 67 interval 15
DHCPDISCOVER on em0 to. port 67 interval 16
DHCPDISCOVER on em0 to. port 67 interval 12
DHCPDISCOVER on em0 to. port 67 interval 2
No DHCPOFFERS received.
No working leases in persistent database - sleeping.

dhclient em0
dhclient already running, pid: 1414.

Hi, i have tried this. Webbrowser Firefox has no connection.

how to fix that ?

It seems that there’s no DHCP server in your network?


nomadbsd installed on HD. not flash. that works.

a small external usb drive.

kindly regards

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