Ventoy usb with nomadbsd

can i use nomadbsd whith ventoy or will it create problems cause i need to create a bootable linux os for college and i dont want to delete my ventoy usb.

Kind of a multi-faceted question …

For college work, to reduce the risk of loss - remove unnecessary variables like the Ventoy multibooter, and simply make a dedicated NomadBSD stick following the instructions here:

If you are coming from a Windows environment, the easiest solution is to use Balena Etcher after you have downloaded NomadBSD.

The major purpose of Ventoy is to be a “multi-booter” of images and isos on a stick, and to be able to “distro hop” amongst them.

And while some will boot, depending on how their live-system works, you may not be able to save any data unless you always save your data to an external device. Now you are carrying two sticks. :slight_smile:

Because usb sticks are so inexpensive these days - even the good quality ones, the safest bet for college work is to simply carry around a few sticks dedicated to their system’s purpose using their own installation techniques, which in many cases is made very simple by Balena Etcher. There are others, but the skill level needed is reduced to at least get you on board very quickly.

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