Upgrade from llvm15-15.0.7_3 not working


I installed Nomadbsd, after a

freebsd-update fetch install && reboot

I launched a

pkg update && pkg upgrade -y && reboot

and llvm15-15.0.7_3 the 123rd package which should install fails

Could you help me overcome this problem ?

Hi Phil. Try use the command pkg check -r llvm15, and do a new pkg update after this.

Hello Paco,

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately the failure of this update breaks the NomadBSD graphical environment and even if I can restart the installation of the llvm15 package and packages not yet updated in the command line after a reboot still with the function

pkg update && pkg upgrade -y && reboot

my graphical environment remains corrupted…

llvm 15 being related to Xwindows, I thought of doing this update after killing the graphical environment

/etc/init.d/lightdm stop (on linux)

but I don’t know how to do this on NomadBSD and I can’t find any documentation about it.

Besides, I’m surprised that no one else has reported this important problem and that no solution has not already been deployed to correct this until today…

As for your idea, the function

pkg check -r llvm15

only confirms that the llvm15 package was not installed…


hi phil Since a disk problem was detected in the initial upgrade of llvm15, you may be able to run the fsck command and then install llvm15, otherwise you may have to reinstall nomadbsd from scratch.

Hello Paco,

The problem is that although I reinstall NomadBSD each time I try to update, I have the same problem which reappears.

Isn’t there a command to kill Xwindows that I can do this update in command line without GUI launched ?? I tried the command init3 but it is not recognized ;-(

Hi Phil.
NomadBSD is based on FreeBSD, so you wouldn’t need to use the GUI, but then you wouldn’t be using Nomad. If the disk write error still occurs you should try installing Nomad on another drive, or fully format the drive you are using now.

ctrl-alt-F2 will open a terminal window that you can use without GUI.
Ctrl-alt-F9 opens back the GUI on GhostBSD. for NomadBSD may use F1 or F6, F7, F8 not sure
I understand your frustration Phil995511, have patience and persevere. Yes, you did try to install many times. See if you can find an error message to give you a hint of what went wrong.
dmesg | tail -20 might show the error messages.
less /var/log/Xorg.0.log might show some crashes
pkg query -F llvm15*.pkg might show something pkg query FreeBSD manual page

How to switch to command line from gui

Remember: You need to unlock all packages first before doing the upgrade with pkg unlock -a, then upgrade with pkg upgrade, then relock all packages with pkg lock -a.