Unwanted default Browser extensions

This is not specific to NomadBSD, but just a warning to a trend I’ve seen the past few years from various packages (linux included).

Rule: If you fire up a new browser, ALWAYS check to see which extensions may have been added by a package maintainer - because they may not be obvious at first, AND possibly cause system performance degradation.

Some package maintainers see fit to add browser extensions to the base installations, such as uBlock Origin (which I like), TOR and various others. What they install may be seen as well-intentioned attempts to make the web better, safer, whatever - but that is according to their own interests and ideals.

What bugs me is when they hide it from plain sight from toolbars, and/or make it hard for the say non-savvy user to remove or disable via standard gui means. They may make it so that you can disable it once you drill into the options, but it is not so easy to REMOVE it via point-n-click.

Case in point: - depending on what I’m using, I’ve seen uBlock-Origin (which I use!) installed, BUT hidden from being easily seen and managed on the toolbar. AND, when going into the options, for the average person, their only option might be to disable it, but not easily remove it if they don’t want it and use something else, or perhaps nothing at all.

The slacker in me tends to simply remove it, and then add it back in the normal fashion allowing ME to go through the installation process of choosing options and make MY decision on whether to make it visible or not.

In one instance on a linux distro, the maintainer thought that we’d all love for the Etherium digital money extension to be installed, but not visible. And hard (for the average person) to remove should they choose to do so.

My wish is that package maintainers leave their desire to cook-in their preferences for extensions alone, and not try to sneak in their own choices and try to hide it by security-through-obscurity for the average person. Ticks me off - even though I know how to handle it from the cli if I have to go that far.

/rant off/

You have two choices, use a BSD browser or a Linux browser. I only use the BSD browsers, Firefox and Chromium. Both work very well on my system.

Well, it’s more a matter of just being sure that the package maintainer hasn’t installed an extension on your behalf behind your back. Always wise to check.

I’m somewhat agnostic for browsers. I came from the time that Lynx was the hot ticket, progressing to things like Dillo and lately dabble with NetSurf from time to time - depends on what my site environments are like of course. :slight_smile: