Undoing package update?

Help! is there a way to undo a package update on Octopkg that I aborted half way thorough with the x (close window) button? I had to abort the update a few times because the update seemed to have stalled part way through. Now, Octopkg stalls at the first update item and will not budge unless I hard abort again using the ‘x’ button.

Of course, i can always start again from making a fresh USB install of NomadBSD, but if there’s a way to undo the mess I seem to have made of it, that would be so great. Thank you for your help and advice!

You can’t undo an upgrade. Running pkg upgrade on a USB drive can be quite slow. I recommend to run pkg upgrade -y and make some tea :slight_smile: For possible problems resulting from the upgrade consult the Errata.

Alternatively, you can reset your NomadBSD, but this means you have to run the setup again, and your personal files are gone.

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ZFS could restore the previous snapshot, yes? Of course, not in an initial USB drive.

Yes, with ZFS this is possible, but we are using UFS1 on the USB live system.

Hi mk1!
I was wondering about the USB live system’s file format, because I am currently learning about FreeNAS and ZFS too.

Why does the NomadBSD USB use UFS1 rather than ZFS? sorry about the newbie questions…

We try to be as portable as possible. ZFS is/was very memory hungry, so UFS1 (which wastes less disk space for meta data compared to UFS2) was the best choice for older machines. But we will re-evaluate the question if ZFS could be used by the live system.


As said before, If you want boot environments, then installing to hdd is a way to go. Dedicate a desktop with SSD and you get a happier life as a user :wink: I know this goes against all portability idea, but at least you have options.

Just idea for the devs, maybe there could be option in installer to require 3x usb keys that could be used as raidz on zfs. That way we as users invest “little more” in hardware, but at least we jump up in speed.

well my personal case tells that you can still have NomadBSD portable with ZFS on an USB stick if you direct the full installation target to that USB volume.
ZFS file system setted, and already made a roll-back test, it works.
USB 3.1 performs well if you choose the right brand/model selected by the read/write speed performances, like 400 mbps read, 100 mbps write

Thank you @mk1 I decided to reset my NomadBSD and am now well on the way to getting back to where I was before, by having installed all updates via OctPkg, after which the desktop went all dark so I did the “sudo pkg install py38-xdg” in Sakura terminal emulator. I am now in the process of adding bits and pieces such as the Japanese input method fcitx.