Unable to install

I’ve been attempting, since last night, to install on a used new-to-me Dell Precision 5510 with a xeon processor. I have secure boot off, UEFI on and tried off, and TMP 1.2 turned off as well. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Have tried FreeBSD, GhostBSD, NomadBSD, EndeavorOS, Windows and other operating systems. I’ve been able to get all but FreeBSD to boot. Sadly, the one that I actually want to use.

I have run hardware tests on all components and all came back good. Attempting to install the newest version that is currently shown on the downloads page.

Is there a centralized location to learn more about the type of errors in the picture? Also, any insight into the picture and/or suggestions to try when I make it home would be greatly appreciated.

I’m not good with EFI, but have you actually got a boot loader in the EFI partition(?).

I actually have a solution. That was figured out this morning. Was going to post it here and saw you replied. The solution is to disable ahci and raid in the bios. Although something with how Nomad configures things still breaks the install but I can confirm it works with vanilla FreeBSD and GhostBSD.

The only correct download site is the main site. Download: NomadBSD from the main site only. It works. The other locations have an older version that does not work properly, at least for the ZFS system. The installer worked until I updated the system on the stick, then it would not boot.