Unable to install to Atom-based board internal memory

Hello, I’m trying to install 1.3.1 on Intel Atom based mini-pc with 32G on-board memory. Te memory is listed in /dev/ as mmcsd0 and: mmcsd0boot0, mmcsd0boot1, mmcsd0p1, mmcsd0p2, mmcsd0rpmb. I’m even able to mount two partitiions (with Mint currently installed), but Nomad installer does not list mmcsd0 at all. It only allows me to install on USB devices da0, da1 etc. Is there a method to make installer see the on-board memory?

Hi @crazy4volvo,

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Installing to a flash drive (as if it was a HDD/SSD) is usually not a good idea because it will write lots of small files, which is very slow, and there a no mechanisms to prevent your flash drive from wearing out (unlike the live version of NomadBSD). You can either dd the NomadBSD image to your mmc, or if you really want to treat it as a HDD, you need to change the install script, which is just a small change.