Unable to find URTWN drivers

Yesterday I bought an Edimax EW-7811UN usb wifi adapter. According to the FreeBSD forums and FreeBSD man pages, this dongle is supported by the urtwn driver. FreeBSD man pages However when I use man urtwn or apropos urtwn, no results come up. Is this driver available on the current release of NomadBSD?

Thanks in advance for any replies, loving this OS so far :smiley:

Hi there @thymen98,

you can find the manpage under rtwn(4) and rtwn_usb(4). Wasn’t the if_rtwn_usb module loaded automatically?

Here’s an update.

I just received the USB dongle in the mail. When I plugged it in, it immediately was recognized by the OS. I didn’t even need to edit any config files in order to load the driver.

Guess I was overthinking things :sweat_smile:

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This is how it’s supposed to be :wink:

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If you look at the HW notes before you install and get/change things that work yes this is the case. But the fact that a 3rd party USB dongle was purchased the fact still remains.