Touchpad not working on Lenovo IdeaPad C340

Hi! I found your Operating System yesterday, and I wanted to say how good it looks and feels! There is a slight complication though: My touch pad doesn’t work. It gives me a option to try the experimental drivers during boot, but they sadly don’t work. I did not have the chance to test it with a external mouse yet, but I wanted to check in and see if this is a known problem with a fix. I will try to get it to work, but I hope you guys can help.

Thanks, and again: Great work with the OS!

Welcome aboard !

I haven’t checked the forum for a post with your question, but while on FBSD I found this. Read to the end and that’s where it’s at… :slight_smile:

I hope I helped you!

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Oh wow thank you very much!
I searched in this forum, but didn’t think of FBSD!