The cd command

I’m new to linux/bsd in general. the current concept i dont understand is the cd command, more specifically the installation of ports. I know you do # cd < Directory location >&& make install clean
I copy and paste the command in and the OS complains: “directory doesn’t exist.”

am I missing a step to do before hand in order to install the port?

hello ZM,

cd means : change directory for the terminal.
it’s the same as you click other folders in a folder explorer.
copy and paste is not the way.

normally you open the terminal for type instructions in.
open the command line terminal of nomadbsd. it’s name is “sakura”
the second icon from left.
you see : nomad@NomadBSD ~>

now you are in a folder. you want to know where you are.
type pwd then you see that you are in folder /home/nomad your home folder.

to change to the “main” folder structure you must type cd and target.
target for main structure is /.

type cd / everytime one space free after cd and other command.

now you are in the main folder structure.

to see what ther is you must type ls to see all folders in the current folder.

type ls and you see MANY FOLDER !

thats all for the first time. with cd you can go to any folder.
with cd … you can go back 1 step. plus two dots

If you SEE then in the folder you have stepped in the folder or file with ls.
THEN you can make commands such like make and install.

i have not used ports jet .

the nomadbsd update i have made with the teminal command :slight_smile:

pkg update

for installation of software packages you can type:

pkg install -and name of the program


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Hi @ZexMaxwell,

the ports tree is not installed on NomadBSD (Is there the "Ports Collection" in NOMADBSD?).

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