Thank You

Hi everyone, this is a small thank you for your BSD system which, after a week of use, I find very efficient and effective.
I installed NomadBSD on the hard drive of my Lenovo Thinkpad T410, using the entire drive (SSD). All hardware was recognized and configured perfectly.
I use the system to build web pages for my site, using Bluefish and Filezilla to upload files via FTP. I visit websites and social media such as Diaspora, MeWe, YouTube, Distrowatch and others. I edit images with GIMP, write texts with Libreoffice Writer.
System startup is very fast and so is shutdown, while system hibernation does not work.
Resource consumption is very low and the processor fan never starts.
I hope someday it will be possible to install NomadBSD on already partitioned disk.
So I want to thank you for the great job you have done.


I agree with you that NomadBSD is excellent. Regarding your wish to install it on a pre-partitioned computer, FreeBSD is difficult to install that way and NomadBSD will only be able to once FreeBSD is able to. I remember FreeBSD has difficulty with the drive geometry that LILO and GRUB set and would “offer to fix it” … unsuccessfully. I think we would need to get into the code ourselves in order to resolve that bug/feature.


I’ll drop in my thanks as well for NomadBSD!

Currently running 1.4, and was pleased at the use of an image, rather than iso9660. I prefer not to run with anything spinning these days, be it rust or plastic. :slight_smile:

Last time I used FreeBSD was when I picked up a new Apple macbook in 2005 or so, and told the salesman who asked what I was planning to do with it was to install FreeBSD when I got home. You could hear a pin drop in the place.

The “desktop” at the time was me going not much further than the classic TWM, xterm, xeyes, xclock and so forth, so that makes me an OG I guess.

These days, I’ll leave the DE to the more experienced. Wow - NomadBSD is quite the difference. Nice selection of default apps, although my favorite is the Sakura terminal, where a quick F11 gives me that virtual terminal feel with no distractions. Love it.

Great work. Looking forward to delving deeper into it.