SOLVED - Unsuccessful update 10/28/2022

I updated my laptop SSD install of Nomad on Oct 28, 2022. I hadn’t updated in a couple months, so this was a BIG one. Now I can only log in to command line. No desktop. I haven’t yet started trouble shooting, so I’ll post more info when I do. I was hoping somebody else had run into this and had already found a solution.

HP Inspiron 7569
Nomad installed on SSD was functioning fine before update. Used the installed ap for the update, then rebooted. Boots to command line.

I got tired of messing with Nomad, so I did pkg install xfce and xfce4-goodies, then followed the instructions at the end regarding the usm and psm drivers, then rebooted. I was expecting to simply create a new desktop and just bypass Nomad’s desktop.

Voila! My Nomad desktop came back up, tracpad works, all is well. Must have been something in the xfce updates that broke my Nomad install. So I’ll label this thread SOLVED.

NomadBSD can be very tricky to update especially when big updates are on the schedule. This was even trickier without the nomadbsd-update tool that launched in the latest release of NomadBSD. Did not get to try it out but I am going to once I figure out where to (re-)install and return to NomadBSD after it crashed miserably and failed to boot up after I made the under-the-hood jump to FreeBSD 13.1 months ago. I use OpenBSD for the time being on my speedy microSD card and I do not think I will change that any time soon because while OpenBSD is known for being proactively secure, consistent, standardized, correct, it is also very portable and rock-solid stable as hell. It can replace NomadBSD easily and this is what I have done. It works like a charme even when not updated in months or years (which you definitely should not do).