[SOLVED] THUNAR out of order

Hello everyone. - After the installation on the PC and the update with Octo, the Thunar file manager no longer works. Clicking on the icon in Plank, it simply does not open. Any suggestions ? Thanks so much !

Hi @giorgio,

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Try to start thunar from the command line via sakura, and check for error messages.

Hi mk1, thanks for the reply.-
Thunar has started working again on its own, I just shut down and restarted the pc.
In any case, I tried to open Sakura and launch Thunar, and obviously it now opens. However, I get an error message in Sakura, which I am attaching. It’s normal ?

Sorry, but I’m a newbie…
tks !

Check if the file is owned by user giorgio and is read- and writeable : ls -l ~/.config/fish/fish_variables

Ok ! Solved with “chown giorgio /home/giorgio/.config/fish/fish_variables”

Tks a lot for help !