[SOLVED] "Graphics driver" autodetection confirmation panel before desktop boot

Good morning to all, I’m a at the first day of NomadBSD use after the full installation (not just the live media) on an USB volume, and find it surprising friendly ad adaptive to my laptop hardware.
Time before I dealt for some months with TrueOS Desktop first, and Project Trident while it was BSD core, then I gave up after the migration to Void Linux.
Now the only oddity I’m facing is the initial request to select an autodetection mode for an accelerated graphics driver, the warning remains there until I hit OK (return) on the panel, then the desktop starts.
I’d like this selection become automatically approved so I do not need to interact in any way for getting into the desktop. Would you please suggest a way to obtain this?
Thank you.

There’s an FAQ somewhere, a how-to for that, which escapes me at the moment. Anyway, it involves installing (and setting up) the graphic driver for your hardware, then disabling the graphics auto-detection tool.

Here’s a example for the SCFB generic video driver, working as super user (sudo) in the Sakura terminal or from console:

sudo pkg install xf86-video-scfb

Create the following file with Easy Editor (ee):

sudo ee /usr/local/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/driver-scfb.conf

With the following content:

Section "Device"
     Identifier    "Card0"
     Driver        "scfb"

Save the file and exit. Then disable graphics auto-detection:

sudo sysrc initgfx_enable=NO

Reboot the machine

ok thank you a lot.
I believed by confirming “autodetect accelerated graphics driver” and getting the desktop booted, that this excluded the SCFB mode, given as an alternative choice,

You might check that, next time you boot the machine, to try the SCFB driver option. SCFB works perfectly for both my AMD-ATI and nVidia video cards.

ok SCFB selection works same well as the other (autodetect) .
Now, I’ve made all changes you’ve suggested, but I cannot boot the desktop anymore; at the end of the verbose phase it goes in prompt awaiting for the user login, after which it expects a command.

specify, I’ve executed the sysrc initgfx_enable=NO command as root (not as user+sudo)


sudo sysrc initgfx_enable=YES

will re-enable the graphics driver auto-detection tool, so you’ll have access to Openbox desktop while troubleshooting the problem.

Did the package “xf86-video-scfb” install okay and without errors?

Found the how-to info about disabling the graphics driver menu, while allowing auto detection to still function. Have a look here: https://nomadbsd.org/handbook/handbook.html#disablegfxmenu

fine, back to the desktop after sending sudo sysrc initgfx_enable=YES command on console and rebooting.

Yes, xf86-video-scfb driver intallation was successful

finally following the indications on the link you mentioned, I have obtained the graphic enviroment autostart by adding initgfx_menu=“NO” to /etc/rc.conf .

So problem is solved, thank you again for the patient assistance :slightly_smiling_face: