Slide show?

I am wondering … Is there any way to create a slide show of .jpg images with NomadBSD ?

viewnior has a --slideshow option:

$ viewnior --slideshow /path/to/images/*.jpg

Unfortunately, there is no way to define the delay. But there is also feh which has an option to set the delay:

$ feh -D delay_in_seconds /patch/to/images/*.jpg

See man feh for more options.

If you have a basic knowledge of markup language, such as HTML, you can create a webpage with a slideshow in it, as suggested in W3School:

It’s easy to realize.

I appreciate the quick responses. Thank you. I will try your suggestions. Quite a steep learning curve for me.

I have found that VLC actually works pretty well for my purposes. Just select all your jpg files and right click … then select “open with VLC”.

Thanks. :wink: