Roxterm is outdated

Hello. I’m new to both NomadBSD, and to *BSD systems in general.

That said, is there a particular reason that the version of Roxterm in the repositories (3.3.2_1) is from 2015? I noticed that when I opened it, it hads the wrong size, due to a bug that was squashed upstream years ago. (I use Roxterm on GNU/Linux systems regularly.) Perhaps someone - either here or in the FreeBSD dev community - didn’t know that new versions of Roxterm are hosted on GitHub instead of SourceForge?

Anyway, I’d attempt to build a new version myself, but I don’t really know how to do things on *BSD yet, so I’ll go and explore some more.

Happy hacking.:smiley:

Hi there,

you can open a PR on the FreeBSD ports mailing list to ask the maintainer of the roxterm port to update it. We are not responsible for the FreeBSD ports tree nor the package repositories. We just use them to install software. While writing this, I tried to build the code from the github repo, which builds and runs fine:

# git clone
# cd roxterm && mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make -j4 && make install

I hope that help :slight_smile:

roxterm in FreeBSD ports does not have a maintainer, so that’s probably why it is outdated.
I can take a look into this.

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I just updated the FreeBSD port of roxterm to 3.8.4 In one or two days the package is available for everyone and you can run pkg upgrade to install the new version.


Thank you Mr. Lars :slight_smile:

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