Review: NomadBSD on Acer Swift 1 (SF113-31)


I’m a long time Linux user (>25 years) but new to FreeBSD. I tried GhostBSD (20.02) before: A great looking distro but it lacks encryption (this is essential for me) and the brightness-keys don’t work (also essential since I wan’t get blind : ). These problems can probably be easily solved by an experienced FreeBSD user, but like I said, I’m a newbie.

So I tried NomadBSD. It’s incredible: everything works out of the box! WLAN, Sound, Function keys …
There is only one thing that I’m missing: Installing NomadBSD on a hard disk with encryption (or did I do something wrong?).
One more thing (but this is Nitpicking): The entries of the Openbox menu need some spacing.

Keep up your great work!

Hi Gundolf,

when you install NomadBSD you can choose to encrypt your home directory.
Full disk encryption is not implemented.