Recommendation for MUA to use with Exchange Online?

I am wondering what MUA is available in NomadBSD/FreeBSD to use with Exchange Online. Is Thunderbird via IMAP the best choice? I’d love to hear your recommendations!

Thunderbird on NomadBSD is certainly nicer looking than MS OWA Light which is what you get with the Extended Support Release version of Firefox.

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I have not tried this on Nomad.

On my Devuan linux desktop, I use Evolution client with the EWS function. EWS, Exchange Web Services, is Microsoft’s replacement for MAPI. My Mac also uses it via Apple Mail app. It simplifies configuration of the client. One login gets email, contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes setup.

I use group mailboxes on Exchange but I have not figured out how to access those via Evolution. The option is there, I haven’t gotten it to work. I still use OWA to access those mailboxes.

I have not tried accessing public folders. I also have not looked into email rules, as in, do the rules run only on the client or do they get pushed to the server to be run there?


Hi Captain-Scurrvy! I am currently trying out Thunderbird for my MS Exchange Online a/c but I will definitely try out Evolution if that will also get contacts, calendar, tasks and notes! Thank you.