Pulseaudio infestation in NomadBSD / FreeBSD packages

I know that this is an upstream problem, however I think it is important to mention the issue here. I keep bumping into FreeBSD packages (yakuake, guake, chromium browser, etc.) that insist on installing an instance of pulseaudio on my system. I personally don’t want pulseaudio, nor see the need for it on my system. Not sure how other users feel about it, but I have a relationship to pulseaudio as some Linux users have to systemd…

Isn’t it possible to tell packagers that pulseaudio is forbidden fruit? I know that in Linux, a workaround to avoid pulseaudio (if it is a hard program requirement - although not perfect alternative) is to use Apulse

You can tell, but you can not expect a maintainer to agree.

https://www.freshports.org/www/chromium/#config already we have PULSEAUDIO=off by default.

https://forums.freebsd.org/posts/558471 there’s an example of someone who likes the idea of using PulseAudio with www/chromium.