Proper way to update/upgrade a fresh install on usb

Is there proper way to update/upgrade a fresh install on usb?

I tried the pkg octo app first and there’s a bunch of updates and it errors out. I tried that a few times and no dice.
I’ve also done freebsd-update fetch / upgrade, Still can’t update the pkgs. Then I tried -r to the 13.2 and that just borks my install.
I mean it works I think but then the display manager doesn’t work any more and then I tried unlock pkg and update and upgrade through there but I get this
WARNING: FUSE protocol violation for server mounted at /usr/local: cache incoherent! To prevent data corruption, disable the data cache by mounting with -o direct_io, or as directed otherwise by your FUSE server’s documentation. This warning will not be repeated.
which stops it in it’s track
I saw a solution here on german site NomadBSD: fusefs mounten mit "-o direct_io" | - Die BSD-Community but that doesn’t work.

so I guess my question is if you have a brand new installation , how do you update it?

Thanks for your time.

Never mind I saw there’s a new image out today, I will go use that :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the heads up! I will have a look ASAP.