Problem to log in

I have installed the Nomadbsd and when i boot up i come to the screen to type user and password.
But nothing is working.I have try everything but no luck.
It looks nice in the live so i hope i can get it to work.


Hello Marten - could you describe in more detail what is not working? It sounds like you successfully wrote the OS to a USB key but had difficulty when the OS was transferred to the disk.The login screen comes up but when you type your username and password, the next thing that happens is a black screen or do you see the OpenBox GUI? Any error messages would be useful for debugging purposes.

Have installed it . But when i try to login nothing happends. Only say wrong pass or user name.
Dont get from the login page

Try to log in at a virtual console, which you can reach by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Fn (n=1, 2, …). If that fails due to a login incorrect error, login as root and set a new password for your user:

# passwd yourusername

Then try again to login with your username. If you still can’t log in via the graphical login manager, there is probably something wrong with your installation.