Please add torrent link in download section

i want that there should be a torrent or cloud link in download section because it will help those people with slow internet

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I download things through my VPS then download them to my PC at home. Also download the img and go play SC2 for couple hrs you don’t have to sit and watch it download.

Adding a torrent download would be a good idea. It would also help split the bandwidth up and reduce load to any one computer.

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Servers these days don’t have any issues and nomadbsd isn’t that popular “yet” to pose any real issue. Also my server will shut people out if the load rises to a certain amount as the mirror is a hobby while my actual reason for the server takes priority. this is done using varnish.

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Sounds like the perfect situation for torrent.

[edit] Of course, I fine with what ever those that created NomadBSD decide. [/edit]

To be fair FreeBSD has torrents, just not locally listed on the main site.

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Nice! Thanks for posting the link.

I agree that NomadBSD is not at the level of needing torrents, yet. I run a couple of mirrors and I can see that people with slow internet connections ( e.g. Algeria ) are able to download the images albeit over the course of 24 or 48 hours. India now has a mirror, so that should help the speed over there.

thanks for reply me and also the 20 characters limitations

yes but torrent also helps if anyone get 500 mb per day then they cannot download it because the link will expires and maybe connectivity issue etc

Stop downloading things from your cell phone?

yes but windows sucks net

Just for testing I have created a torrent for the file nomadbsd-1.3.2.img.lzma.
Download the torrent from nomadbsd-1.3.2.img.lmza.torrent , start your torrent client and wait at least 30 minutes before you can download some bits.
Note: the speed is slow as 100 KB/s max.

thanks but i had download it from direct link