OpenCascade failed to update. Error: Fail to chmod.....too many levels of sym links

[1/22] Upgrading opencascade from 7.6.0_4 to 7.6.0_5…
pkg: Fail to chmod /usr/local/OpenCAS/bin/.pkgtemp.DRAWEXE.ry3xa8Ws6pIB:Too many levels of symbolic links

I installed openscad by pkg install. It installed fine and opened and worked. The update, however, failed to install the upgrade of opencascade. I could use some help with this.

Try to compile from source from the ports system. Here’s how to do it:
You will find the ports under /usr/ports/<category>/<path>/<to>/<app>. cd into that directory. Then run a simple make && make clean install and the build system starts compiling and building from source files. At the end, you should get a .pkg file, with it, you can install your package with pkg offline.

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I did a pkg update and upgrade and tried again from cli and it installed properly this time. All good.

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