Openbox on Nomad picture gets darker auf 19:00 hours


when it’s evening, the colour in Firefox but also a part of the desktop changes to a darker white.

It’s not changing the Theme of Firefox, I always found searching. It’s this nigh-mode, that helps you sleep in easier.

How do I turn in off in the latest NomadBSD with original Openbox?


[This is a non-answer]
Yes, this behaviour is so subtle, that I only notice it, if I sit in front of the screen at the exact moment it happens…
But I would like to tweak it - not turn it off, so I will follow this subject :slight_smile:
No time to examine this path right now…

No it makes it unusuable. It is not subtle.

I changed to a Radeon R7 240 and still. Onboard Intel the same. It is not the card.

No, it is software - not hardware :slight_smile:
Have a look at this thread (now you know the “service” name, but it’s not your specific problem):


sudo pkg remove redshift

And the problem is literally gone :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!