Octopkg : pkg 'binary' was not fond

hello iam new with nomadBSD OS.

before this happen i failed to install and use xfce desktop .
but i managed to back to use openbox

the problem is, i can’t use “pkg” in terminal and also in OctoPkg

here the screenshot: screenshot (i can’t upload image since iam is a new user)

i found the ‘pkg’ is still there and have’nt removed,
i can back to use ‘pkg’ again after by login to tty2 session and then back again to login in openbox with “startx”.

my question is: How can i use ‘pkg’ again without need to login to tty2 session first?

Hi @hecate02,

did you mess with the PATH variable in ~/.xinitrc?

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thank you for your attention and for the reply.
yeah i think i have delete my

~/.xinitrc and ~/.xsession file

i am sorry, i just finally reinstalled my nomadbsd.
so thankyou for your attention

how can i delete my post? to close this topic