NomadBSD kernel module to control fan speed in HP Proliant

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Anyone know if there is any way to reduce the speed of fans in HP Proliant servers based on processor usage.

My old Proliant DL360 G5 server is working wonderfully with the lastest version of Nomad but the fans stay at constant speed even with few resources being used in the processes.

Thank you very much! Any tips about ACPI are welcome!

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I couldn’t find anything on how to control the fans on a Proliant server. But there is:

Which says:

Here’s the kicker: I saw a single line in some HP document stating that PCI card electrical load will cause the fans to throttle up . That was it! The HP SAS Expander and M1015 cards were causing the fans to spin like crazy – while fine for the datacenter, NOT fine for the home lab.

Needless to say, the DL380 G6 is now an ESX host with NO PCI cards and it is nearly silent.

It’s about a one generation younger Proliant, but maybe it’s also applicable to yours.

Thanks friend for the tip! In fact there are no logical ways to reduce the rotation of the fans, I found a technical changing the rotation of the fans but I will never do that. I intend to soon change the lab’s 360 G5 for a 380 G7, here in Brazil I can get such a server in outstanding condition with good configuration for about 100 USD. A bargain!

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