NomadBSD iso image

I want to use NomadBSD on Virtual Machine. I’ve installed qemu and virt-manager on Linux. I tried latest NomadBSD img file to install on VM but it recognize only iso files. I tried to convert img to iso with ccd2iso and acetoneiso also failed.
Are there any iso or Qemu/KVM compatible file of NomadBSD? How can I install NomadBSD on Qemu/KVM?

Hi again,

“Import existing disk image” option solves problem.

img file solution failed on update. Installing img file to disk couldn’t recognize VM disk.
Iat software couldn’t convert img file to iso over 14 hours. I still need the iso file.
Are there any suggestion?

There is a how-to in the Nomad handbook: file:///usr/share/nomadbsd-handbook/handbook.html#vbox

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Hi, also if not fully describing this case, I found an easy way to handle VM of various OS on my Ubuntu desktop by Virtualbox with no need to create each on separate VM; just having created one only VM, a link file called USB.vmdk , it detects an USB volume when connected and runs it if there’s a bootable system, inside the Virtualbox window.
I have some bootable USB of different OS: FreeBSD, NomadBSD, Ubuntu, Windows 10/11 and OS2 Warp4.52 as well. When plugged into a pc USB port they mainly can be handled on hardware as selectable volume at pc start (overriding the main system disk). But if needed to handle it in a Virtualbox hosted session, you just provide a NomadBSD installation on a USB volume and test it works properly on separate pc boot, after that when you’re in your Linux desktop you plug the NomadBSD USB stick into an USB port and from Virtualbox panel boot the USB.vmdk virtual machine. Work with it and will permanently keep any system/file modification you migh introduce since is done directly on the hardware volume.
Refer to this page for creating an USB Virtualbox link
How to make VirtualBox virtual machine boot from USB? - H2S Media (

jump to “for Linux” section below if this applies to your case

I don’t use VirtualBox but Qemu/KVM.
I think I’ll be use GhostBSD iso for Qemu/KVM device.
Thanks for your assistance.