NomadBSD is awesome

Hi everyone I just wanted to chime in

I’ve been toying with Nomad for a few weeks now on actual hardware and it’s been great learning BSD

I’ve got mine configured with Enlightenment Desktop and it seems to run faster on the USB than vanilla install. It seems like a normal PC all the time where the vanilla install sometimes was slow. Now it’s…usable and reliable. Not saying the vanilla install wasn’t reliable, I just had to stick with it while also learning.

I’m an official Nomad nonetheless and I hope this project keeps up as well as continues to evolve and get more awesome features. This OS makes me feel like a kid again, and it’s as usable as any other OS i’ve grown up with. Truly remarkable


Great to read and be welcome with BSD. :grinning:
I’m back in NomadBSD. I like it from the beginning and used it several times but stopped again because of missing Wi-Fi driver for my Intel AC9560. Now my Wi-Fi is working stable and fast and the whole system works perfect, nearly. Sound, touchpad, Wi-Fi, graphics works. I only have to find out, how to use Bluetooth with my mouse (Did not try this so far).