NomadBSD installer stuck at 0% in "creating filesystem"

Hi - I’m trying to install Nomad 13.1 UFS on a USB 3.0 memstick, via a Clevo laptop. The installer gets stuck at “Creating filesystem on /dev/label/nomaddata…”

Any suggestions…?

I usually ‘dd’ the image to a pendrive first, before installing to disk.

It is designed to run from pendrive without the need to install though, so maybe try that way first.

Otherwise, make sure you got a good download.

No offense, but this is not very helpful for others like me to recreate this issue. There are a lot of details missing:

  1. First of all, how did you write the image file to your USB thumb drive?

  2. Next, at which point of the installation process it failed to create the filesystem?

  3. Next, what did you do during the installation process? Did you fiddle around the USB stick during install or did you leave your USB stick untouched? Did you interfere with the installation process in any way?

  4. What did you do to overcome this issue yourself? What are the steps you persued to try to overcome the issue? Have you figured out a solution or a workaround or have you given up and therefore ask for help?

Alhough I do not consider myself a NomadBSD developer in any way, it would be, nonetheless, really helpful if you added those information to your forum post. I would love to help but without the needed information I cannot help you out, unfortunately.

Try this:

  1. Download nomadBSD on your PC or Laptop.
  2. Download BalenaEtcher.
  3. Extract nomadBSD from the folder you already downloaded.
  4. Insert the USB Stick ( 8 Gb minimum ).
  5. And then create flash with BalenaEtcher following the steps.
    …and when you are already running nomadBSD insert a 2nd USB Stick ( 32 Gb recommended ) or you can install it directly in the HDD and go to: nomadBSD Installer and follow the steps.