NomadBSD Infrequent Pause

Need help with system performance and tools to monitor.

Noticed that the system would pause during normal usage. Loose control of the mouse/keyboard and system would have to catch up to continue to use. Pauses last around 45 to 60 seconds

HW probe

Which application(s) is(are) running at the time of the pause? If no particular app can be associated with the pause symptom, it could be the GPU locking up and then restarting / recovering, which would be indicated in Xorg’s log (in /var/log).

Myself, ran across an infrequent bug in firefox-esr with U-block Origin add-on, where firefox-esr-68 would spin up one core of my CPU between 90 ~ 100% (AMD 64 box) and nothing would correct it except a reboot (even issuing ‘killall firefox-esr’ in console had no effect). The cure was to do a fresh install of the latest version of firefox-esr (version 78.4 at the time of this writing).

@byronc Firefox-esr 68 is consistently on during these along with Idle 3.7 and qpdfview. Thanks for the tip will have to see if I can find any entries in the /var/log to help troubleshoot. How do you monitor the CPU, using top?

Yes, use top and maybe also iostat to measure file system writes.

Please, a little look for the generals.

First Time Is but It’s good alternate start for you i think.

@Ime. Top also paused during my reviewing. This quite a mystery.
@byronc While looking at the Xorg.log file did not notice anything (but also, not sure what to look for)

@greyulv, in the lower portion of the xorg log file, there would be something along the lines of “gpu locked up, attempting to recover or restart…”, etc.

According to the HW Probe via your link in the first post, it indicates the i386 version of Nomad is being used. Since your laptop is a 64 bit machine, have you tried NomadBSD 1.3.2 (amd64) image? That would be the first thing I would do. That amd64 image, BTW, if for both AMD and Intel 64 bit processors.

@byronc, thanks for the tip. Did not know that about the image. Will have to test that out with another USB stick. As for the xorg log, no such details are found.

@byronc, update now running Nomad 1.3.2(amd64) on different thumb drive. Noticed automatically that other issues are not there. Example: MPV and VLC now work by playing movies. Other issues with Firefox Tabs crashing on known sites also fixed. I also re-ran a new hw-probe with the following results:

Will have to setup the same environment and test for the pausing. Why, would there be a difference between running i386 on a 64bit Intel vs AMD 64 on a 64bit Intel?

That can entail quit a technical discussion on computing architecture. Here’s one dissertation on “32 bit vs. 64 bit” that may be of help:

HTH, Byron