Nomadbsd how to use bluetooth mouse

I use a command to connect to the mouse but the system does not work?
How can I use MOUSE on NOMADBSD?
Is there a GUI interface?

You can take a look at this bluetooth guide
If I understand the guide correctly, you can see which driver your mouse uses. Next you add the driver to your
using the line:
<driver_name>_load = “YES”

You can often find the driver for your device with the command: apropos <name_of_device/manufacturer>

Hopefully the guide I linked to is useful to you

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not work?
Are you an advanced user?

I used to manually confirm that MOUSE is connected to the system, but the system does not work?
How to keep BLUETOOTH always scanning?
Is there no GUI screen in NOMADBAD?
How to install input method?

Please step by step!!
Thank you for your support

I am guessing you are a hand holder who can’t lookup stuff and expect people to do all the work for you. That link is pretty much self explanatory and reading it will help you setup your mouse. If you do some further reading you will learn about ports/pkg’s however sadly nothing shows up for such so you are either stuck with installing a large X suite such as KDE or Gnome that has BT managers built in or do it manually. Bluetooth is pretty insecure as it is so you really don’t need to do anything fancy. Since bluetooth differs a lot compared to the stack with the Penguin you can’t easily port a BT manager such as Blueman but by the looks of the above that shouldn’t even be mentioned.

Also you should be reported as you are a spammer, I believe you sent me 6-7 emails until I had to take the time to procmail the hell out of them. Support is not a right it is a privilege remember that.

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Reading I found this: which is a bluetooth frontend, should be included with 12.1. I am sure NomadBSD 1.3.x is based on 12.x which should included such script. Last project I helped before I gave up based on 12.x yet they screamed when I said it was based on it and they said it was a while new OS, not really sure how the backend in X and the front in Y and it’s Z but ok.

Man page for the above script looks promising.