NomadBSD boots on UEFI but not on BIOS

Hello, newb here.

NomadBSD boots and works great on my desktop and UEFI bios laptop. but it doesnt boot on a grub BIOS laptop. The laptop is coreboot/librebooted (not sure if that matters).

If I verify the ls command in the bios grub command line, (usb0) appears on the list along with these: (usb0,msdos3,bsd1) (usb0,msdos3) (usb0,msdos2,bsd1) (usb0,msdos2) (usb0,msdos1).

Is it possible to boot NomadBSD through grub payload?

Edit: Almost forgot. I did try to boot with the integrated SeaBIOS but the boot only got to the loading forward slash that happens at the start of every Nomad boot /.

Also tried the Grub2 search external media function but nothing there either.


I don’t recall having the same issue but I had a lot of problems booting my StarLite (coreboot) laptop with the stock 13.0 Nomad.

I built a new stick based on FreeBSD 13.1 and then it booted perfectly.