NomadBSD-130R repeating selection request at boot

Hi, on my first hour with NomadBSD-130R that will replace my 1.4 installation, I’d like to receive a suggestion on how to avoid this selection menu appearing at every boot.
It does not matter which input I give (Load or Cancel), the desktop then boots same with no problems


thank you much

Hi @mauro,

as root:

# sysrc  load_iichid_enable=NO

thank you, it has worked (of course)

also learning from your previous help to my requests, when I’m facing a selection window that prefer to avoid and the selection does not affect the system usage/stability, the command should always be

sysrc load_nameoftheservice_enable=NO


load_iichid is the only rc-script since initgfx became non-interactive that needs interaction. But in general you can enable/disable services by setting servicename_enable to YES/NO via sysrc. To get a list of all services, run sysrc -A | grep enable. Use sysrc -d variable to get a description of the variable, e.g:

% sysrc -d cleanvar_enable
cleanvar_enable: Clean the /var directory