nomadBSD 1.3.1 hangs after first reboot

Hello, can’t figure out: first boot flawlessly, every setting done. After the first reboot the system hangs on mouse. It’s a basic usb HP mouse. I restarted several times. Same problem. The system boots until mouse detection. I tried several usb ports. Thanks for any hint.

Can you try a different mouse or without a mouse connected?

Hello, thanks! Eventually I could manage to boot (other USB pen). Now I’m facing a new issue: most of the apps from the dock won’t open. The icon (firefox eg) is bouncing for a second or so, and the app is active but won’t open. Gimp works. Hardware: HP z420 workstation, Nvidia GTX 1060, 32GB of RAM. Any hints welcome. Thank you!

Are there any error messages when you start firefox from the terminal (sakura)?

Hello, I couldn’t even open the shell (sakura) but found out that it would work on the basic graphic option but on a 4k monitor it’s unusable. So I think, nomadBSD can’t handle the nvidia gtx 1060 card properly. I’m sure it’s a great system when an older gpu is installed. I will check again when an updated system is available. Thanks for all suggestions.

I suspect there is a problem with the shared libraries provided by the Nvidia driver. Could please start NomadBSD with the Nvidia driver enabled, and then try to start vim from a virtual console (switch there via <Alt>+<Ctrl>+<F1>)? Let me know if vim is complaining about missing libraries.

Hello, thanks, I will give it another go. How to enable the nvidia driver before booting to gui? Thanks

Just choose auto-detection in the graphics driver menu.

Hello, That’s what I’ve done in the first place. I have a nice desktop but nothing opens, neither from the dock nor via right click menu. I can see the menu but nothing opens when I click on it. .

That’s why I asked you to activate the Nvidia driver, and then execute vim on a virtual console to debug the problem :slight_smile: . I just want to know if it complains about missing libraries. If that’s the case, we know where and how to fix the problem.

Hi, alright, I’ve got you now. :slight_smile: