Nomadbsd 1.3.1 failed to activate a wifi dongle

Hi, I run nomadbsd 1.3.1 on a desktop which has a wifi dongle connected to a USB. I run the wifi mgr and it said “No WiFi interface is configured in /etc/rc.conf.” what should I do? thank you!

Hi there @Tfcheng,

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Please tell us the vendor and product ID of your USB dongle. You can get the info from the output of /usr/local/libexec/dsbdriverd -l | grep bus=USB

Hi mk1, thank you for your response. I ran your code and didn’t think I see any usb wifi device. I saw keyboard (vendor=1a2c; product=2124), mouse (vendor=046d; product=c408), and flash drive (vendor=2897; product=3100). I did some search on my own and found out the dongle is “Tenda W311M” using Ralink RT5370 chip ( that doesn’t seem to be supported by BSD system (

Bummer, but that’s what I expected.