Nomad-update error

Script: /usr/bin/nomad-update
GitHUb: Execute the most recent nomadbsd-update from the patch archive
Usage: nomadbsd-update {init|update|remove-old|rollback}

I would like to think this script updates the various NomadBSD scripts and various configs - some recent changes to intgfx ( might help with a graphics niggle.

But… nomad-update fetch exits with this error

Fetching nomadbsd-patch.index … Error: Failed to fetch nomadbsd-patch.index

nomad-update doesn’t have a man page, and I couldn’t see a mention on so I might be using nomad-update incorrectly.

Is nomad-update for keeping the nomadbsd scripts up to date?

A way of updating the NomadBSD scripts (without a full install) would be useful.

Is nomadbsd-update for this purpose? If so, how do I address Error: Failed to fetch nomadbsd-patch.index

Hi @most,

nomadbsd-update was a failed attempt to implement an update system. You can ignore it, it’s broken.