Nomad 14 broken before updating

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Thank you for your reply!

I erased the drive that booted to the ttyvo screen, thinking it might be only for virtualbox, but had 2 more live-usb flash drives with it fully configured.

I applied the same fix on one of them and there was a different result.

When I hit “reboot” it went to console screen loading(?) a lot of entries, mostly starting with “usb”. [please see attached]

After 3 hours, and the end nowhere in sight, my T450s ThinkPad was getting a little hot, so I powered off.

The same error still appeared in Octopkg, but installed the 18 updates anyway. All went well,
but still no part of power management works.

As beautiful and well put together Nomad is, it might not work with everyone’s hardware.

If power management was fixed, would manual or auto-suspend work on the live-usb or external HDD disk? - or it would it need to be installed internally on an HDD?