No characters in sakura and leafpad

I installed 1.4 RC1 on a HP ProDesk 600 G2 SFF i7-6700
Every character that I type in is only chown as small rectangle. The same with leafpad.
Firefox is fine.
I think that I have some problems with fonts, but it is hard to analyse this because I only see this small rectangles :frowning:.

Any pointers what to do?


Hi @_gt,

is the live system affected by this as well? What is your locale?

Hi @mk1,

the live system is not affected.
The locale is de_DE.UTF-8.

If I switch to the console (STRG-ALT-F1), I see all characters.

I guess, for some reason, the installation was not completed. Was there an error message? Have you checked the content of /usr/local/share/fonts? Its size (du -h /usr/local/share/fonts) should be about 199MB. Is that the case?