New release

When is a new version of nomadbsd being released?

There has been no news about this. While it has been 10 months and previously updates happened every 3 months, there is recent activity on the GitHub site that holds the source, so this is not an abandoned project. I imagine the heads of state want to take a break and let others contribute bug fixes. Also, they may think the project does Not Need an update. Take a look at the GitHub site to see what you can contribute:

my understanding is that it is synchronized with FreeBSD releases. Actual FreeBDS stable release is 13, then NomadBSD version is same


are you(we) just trained to expect approx. a release a year? -or are you actually missing something? :slight_smile:

NomadBSD looks like a labour of love - there isn’t even a patreon account or link…
So personally I have no problem with a looong release cycle :wink:

Have a nice day :+1:


By my side, at the actual release status I would prefer just packages update, no system version upgrade, because for me “if it works well, then do not touch it”, but I agree that for its core nature it has to follow the FreeBSD versions


That has been the FreeBSD mantra forever. Very different than linux. FreeBSD is all about stability. The packages get updated frequently, as the port and package maintainers continue to refine them, but FreeBSD does a major update quite infrequently. For instance, I started with FreeBSD in 2007. It was in version 6 then, as I recall. As you, I prefer that to my experience with Arch Linux, which is a “rolling release” or even Debian, which is stable, but I frequently had problems with software not working on it, or software updates breaking something else.

these two sentences goes together in perfect armony (from the song “Ebony and Ivory” by P. McCartney & S. Wonder) :handshake: