New release?

Just wondering if there is to be a new release anytime soon now that there is FreeBSD 13.2 available, or is this now a dormant project?


I think/hope so : Change base system to 13.2-RELEASE · nomadbsd/NomadBSD@d2a5347 · GitHub

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Last modification by @mrclksr on 20 June 2023
Maybe the nomadbsd team is waiting for the latest FreeBSD 14.0 release in October 2023

NomadBSD is awesome !

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Ah, OK, thanks, was just wondering because when 13.1 came out, there was, but I’m happy even if we wait for 14.0, just wanted to know that it is still going to be maintained, as I recommend it sometimes to those wanting to try BSD. :slight_smile:

This is a guess, there have been no changes to the git since 20 June 2023 by @mrclksr

I also hope NomadBSD is maintained, I use it every day. :grinning:

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Thanks to the NomadBSD Team for this new version :

Now to study how to upgrade properly my main driver PC

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Has anyone tried nomadbsd-update update, which was mentioned as the last item in NomadBSD 131R-20221130 release note at 2022-12-04?

An experimental nomadbsd-update tool has been added, which allows to update components of the NomadBSD system.

NomadBSD is designed for temporary demonstration and inspection, but it is also perfect for permanent desktop use.

Great to see an updated image, many thanks. :slight_smile:

As for the updater, I haven’t, as I only occasionally run it myself, but do offer it as a suggestion to those wanting to try FreeBSD.

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